Blood and Wine New Region Trailer - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Check out the new region featured in Blood and Wine in this new trailer for The Witcher 3 DLC.

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  • Finn Bazz

    The worst part about the Witcher 3 is that it had an ending.

  • utku koksal

    That moment when a dlc is better than AAA games. Wp Cd Projekt Red Wp.

  • rubikfan1

    seem my superier vampire oil is finaly going to be usefull

  • Iceysolesonfeet

    This dlc should run for goty on its own

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    My medallion is humming

  • Giampaolo Miraglia

    Geralt the white wolf is one of the best character ever created...

  • David Wolf Prime

    this example of when dlc is done right... SMH most of the companies just nickle and dime us.We need more companies like cdprojectred

  • Connor Quintana

    I'm almost disappointed this is the final expansion... it's so beautiful...

  • Riceee Balls

    Tagging #EA #Ubisoft, this is how you make a damn game!

  • Easy Mode

    Cod : makes a dlc calls it a new gameCd project red : makes a new game calls it a dlc CD Projekt red is god

  • Calm Down

    There're dislikes !Really people ?

  • CptBomBom00

    And now people prepare for Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Dunk

    One of the best games in the last 10 years I love this game

  • fiacreativity1991

    If the witcher was a $100...I think I'll still buy it...such a reach and fulfilling journey full of epic...greatest game I've ever played...imagine what witcher 4 is going to be Rockstar, CD Red Projekt has not disappointed me at all...

  • Nytalix

    Wish there was an expansion in kovir too, so many references to that place

  • josu contreras

    2019 and this video is still the best trailer ever, this dlc is the best dlc ever made and is far better than all AAA games.

  • MrScotty247

    Can't wait for this game--....I mean expansion


    That moment when your more excited for a DLC(Blood and wine) than a full game(Infinite warfare)

  • InDaHead

    witcher 3 with season pass is the best $80 I have ever spent. I haven't regretted it once, especially that I know I am paying the best gaming company in the world that respects the gamer.

  • Go Green

    i'm so ready to go shopping in the new city!!eh erm i mean kill beasts and vampirescuz i'm a MAN

  • CaptainBlack

    It’s been only three years but I already miss Witcher 3. 😔

  • Kaden

    98% sure there will never be a game I love as much as the Witcher 3...


    Anyone in 2019? Come here, bros. People are still playing this game in huge numbers

  • Stealthy99

    Seeing as this truly is Geralt's final outing, I may legitimately become depressed after finishing this dlc lol.

  • MrBackhouse36

    I came twice whilst watching this..

  • 92Beyo

    Who needs Bioware when we have CD Project <3

  • Santiago Devotto

    Game of the Year? Game of the decade , I really doubt that we will see a game of this level in a long time...I really hope that this is not the total end of the serie, hopefully resume the universe of the witcher at some future , CDprojekt come on , we want a Witcher 4 with Ciri or Young Vesemir , Eskel , Lambert . or....the other schools of witchersAnd one last thing ... Hollywood , make a fucking GOOD Witcher Movie , you got a mine of gold..

  • Jachidos

    I'm always disappointed when games come with DLCs. I want to buy all the game in one shot and not have to get my wallet out everytime.And then there's the witcher 3 where each DLC is a game on its own, making me forget all that xD

  • Mustafa Ahmed Salah Aldeen

    compare spending 25$ for the witcher 3 season pass with spending the exact amount of money on a game such as call of duty 😂

  • Dornaden

    Cd projekt is literally god tier.

  • Shane Stewart

    Witcher 3 Blood and Wine wish list:-A Night To Remember -Hooder Gearlt from the killing monsters trailer-Ivoreth Return-Challenging final boss battle-A final battle to take gearlt to his limits-An unforgettable good bye to the legendary white wolf :(

  • Vennytube

    We, the People, demand a Witcher movie!

  • Eduardo Najar

    preordered it last week, it's ready to auto download -

  • bobiyeye

    I wish i lived in this world

  • Ruby Miltey

    Game of the year 2016 is The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine DLC.

  • Praetorian HiJynx

    Looks like an awesome expansion for an awesome game!

  • romal gaikwad

    I wish i could live in toussaint 😍😍Just for one day😔....

  • Funnerz

    The soundtrack is goddamn perfect

  • Ville Lepoaho

    "And long lost treasures just begging to be found"I went to that exact treasure chest, and got a pair of gauntlets worth 25 crowns. Truly a magical treasure...

  • Kai Stewart

    "You might be wondering, what brought the white Wolf to this land of sheep?"Goosebumps every time

  • john smitty

    probably get more play time outta this dlc then most full games

  • Shady TheReal

    i love this song on the start <3

  • PobedaV

    By Azura, by Azura, by Azura... wait what?

  • Bruhama

    One of the best games I have ever played.

  • AidanGG

    The fairy tale quests are still my fav to this day.

  • Nerfed Gamer

    Trailer went from happy and peaceful to dark and terrifying real quick. Damn.Even in 2019 this is still a great game compared to some others

  • TheWah156

    The first minute of the trailer is like a travel ad.

  • Sidharth Sreekumar

    A DLC that is longer than 80% of games that comes out nowadays.

  • Pitusa Radiactiva

    26.152 players in the last 24 hours on steam, a 3 year old single player game. This is how you do it.

  • Daniel Birks

    I got the game edition of this (both dlc included) for only £15 on Black Friday, best purchase ever

  • Uncle Bayek

    that toussaint soundtrack still gives me goosebumps especially in this trailer

  • spinpi88

    For me, one of the best game in the history of games. Thx for this CD project RED....I would never end...

  • growmania

    omg i just bought the physicall edition!! i clicked emediatly on buy when they where ij stock 😊 cant wait to play it!


    Never played Witcher 3, but this DLC makes me want to get the game now

  • William Tael

    "Oh, look, an Imperial in the Imperial Prison. I guess they don't play favorites, huh? Your own kinsmen think you're a piece of human trash. How sad."I know that voice!

  • x

    Just finished about all the sidequests and treasure hunts I can as well as completed every contract. I can't wait to see how the game wraps up and play the dlc.

  • eklaviya chundoo

    It's Sept 2019. The witcher sold twice this year than it did last year

  • Dikka Do

    Ah Toussaint, perfect place for a retiring Witcher. A peace country, best leader, still have some monster and beast roaming just for geralt to hunt as the hobby, vineyard. I remember Geralt look and smile to us in the end of Blood and Wine main story, like he want to tell us he will retire soon as a witcher and explore his new life (or the way developer say thanks to us through Geralt). Just a bit sad ciri didn't visit him in the vineyard because i make her an empress.Definitely (for me) the best story telling in gaming industry. I know the gameplay is not that great, but the story.

  • Decitius

    I keep forgetting that this is a dlc.

  • Rachit Kapoor

    I thought it was gonna say "When I was a lad, I had a dad"

  • Tywin Lannister

    Damn this 60fps gameplay makes me jealous of PC

  • Durante Exeralt

    DLC enemies are actually tougher than regular ones in main game. Also Touissant is so polished

  • Thiago Porto

    Love the soundtrack of this trailer, especially in the beggining!

  • El Bandito

    Actual gameplay is far better. :)Bless CDPR.

  • le epic cooleography

    Whenever I try and get through the the first cutscenes where you talk to the Knights, my game black screens and put me to the Xbox home, can I fix this?

  • Joao Gabriel

    The CDProject know how make a DLC!

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