Making SERAGA Knife Part 1


SNAPCHAT- slav_20

New Jersey Steel Baron
3/16 inch (4.76 mm) thick
High Carbon 1075
5 (12.7 cm) inch blade
5-1/4 (13.335 cm) inch handle

Milwaukee Band Saw
Craftsman 2x42 Belt Sander
Nicholson files
Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander
Grizzly G9618 Dial Height-Gauge, 6-Inch
2 Burner Knifemaker Deluxe Majestic Forge
Personalizer Plus- knifemaking . com
Flaring Kydex Press- knifekits . com
Razor Sharp Edging System-Sharpening
Dykem blue layout fluid (spray can)
File guide-knifemaking . com
Harbor Freight buffer
Green buffing compound
Canola oil heated to 130 deg F.

Red/Black G10 fiberglass spacer-usaknifemaker . com
Stabilized Ironwood - Instagram: ironwoodman
Corby Bolt-303SS Medium .182”shaft .250 Shoulder
Kydex Sheath-
Decorative pins-
Blade Tech Industries Tek-Lok Holster Attachment with Hardware, Black- Amazon
West Systems Glue

  • NananaMan

    hey love your work I'm actually getting into knife making because of you😃

  • Gone Zapatero

    I opened this video, and immediately realized it had to be yours and I was right, fantastic as always

  • First Name Last Name

    The music is so calming, it's like I'm in a garden.

  • omar oyt

    any one wants to see my knife design :D I will send you the details of it

  • Jordan Vandevegte

    This makes me want to get into knife making so much

  • GamePath

    looks like a huntsman :D

  • K9 Cop

    Beautiful work!! I'm starting into knife making. What brand, what type, and how long of files should I buy? Thank you in advance for your help! God Bless you!

  • Knife Making CF Draper Knives

    I really like your videos. I have learned a lot of techniques from you. Beautifull work, thank you for posting them.

  • David Bell

    Good stuff! Glad I found your you tube channel!

  • Jacob Murphy

    Wow! one of the most beautiful knives i think I've ever seen😲😍 if i would have the money and the room to make knives i would be making some no stop. great vids and keep up the good work.

  • Mroe Pwn

    This is amazing ! :) You are the best.

  • Liz Wescott

    Nice,u used a Westcott ruler,my husband's family's name. They spell it 2 different ways,wescott being the other way. Also,what a kickass knife.

  • David Segovia

    I always come back to your old videos:)

  • abuajela hussein

    I love your work SLAVIK TELY you are an artist, very talented

  • Cloud House

    Can I ask where did you get those diamond wheels from ?? the ones you use on your drill press

  • Grzegorz M

    you are amazing man :) you've got beautiful talent

  • Néstor Vega

    Could I buy a knife like that from you?

  • Nathan Price

    your my favorite knife maker but you dint make many videos :((((((((

  • Fran Diéguez

    I really enjoy watching your work because of all the love you put on every knife you make. Excellent work

  • Noah Koenig

    for my next knife I was going to try a top swedge similar to this. I've heard people say to grind it on post heat treat due to warping, what do you think about this? it is 3/16 thick, so it's decently stout.

  • Herbert Hoppe

    love makes all the difference. And it makes it looking sooooo easy :-)Very nice

  • Big Dick Gang

    Dude brought his "A" game.

  • Morgan Langlois

    last time i came so early, i became a dad lol

  • Rogério Mascari

    Perfeito ! Um grande abraço dos seus fãs aqui do Brasil !

  • Norwegian Forge

    As all ways, awesome knife👍Keep up the great work👍

  • Clint65

    I always admire your patience to use the file instead of using the Dremel to smooth out the irregularities of the metal, which would save you a lot of time.Always so beautiful video that makes me want to follow in your footsteps in the art of cutlery

  • Vladimir Mecler

    Дело МАСТЕРА боится!!!👆 Super👍👍👍👌👌👌

  • GunGuy Gaming

    As always amazing work. I love your style, it just works. You sir, make art with a real sharp edge

  • עם ישראל חי

    Its look like you almos abscessed about all the small dutales, and its great.Good job mate! You are the real thing 👍

  • made in SSSR

    Работа на уровне, шедевр 👍

  • Mos Matic

    that has got to be the most elegant, beautiful, classy, manly, stylish, handles I have ever seen on a knife before. perfection. how do I buy?

  • Fuad Shaqiri

    Wow this knife looks beautiful and epic, good job

  • Michael ngincan

    once again thank you for making videos I am planning to make a butterfly knife, keep up the amazing work

  • Sean Ocansey

    the music is so beautiful

  • South Beach Miami Art

    When you bladesmiths drill a bunch of holes in the blade handle is that to take weight out of it and reinforce the handle? This is a beautiful knife by the way and the design is amazing.

  • Gabriel Razvan

    Nice Knife Tely. Good work! !!☺

  • Alex Phantom

    Задаюсь вопросом, кто дизы ставит и почему у них не отсыхают руки?

  • bo3 los

    i hope that you read this, but thank you. You do what you love for us. That it's an honorable trait for a man to have

  • Adam H

    i love the guitar music in the background, and of course love the videos :)

  • K1dD3ath

    You had my sub when heard the music.

  • faisl

    يا لها من سكين حادة وعجيبة اتأجرني ايها قليلا لأقتل ابا قلقلة

  • wael hanafy

    it's the best one slavik good work

  • hobbo

    love your vids slavik keep up the awsome work ! =)

  • LJ240

    You are a very talented bladesmith, my friend. I really enjoy watching a true craftsman work. It's a thing of beauty.Keep doing what you're doing.

  • Farehane Mohamed

    Music is awesome, beautiful hand made knife, good job 👍

  • Jaska Nurmela

    I like your channel i my self make knifes

  • Road Weary213

    Love the choice of handle scale material. Simply gorgeous my friend!

  • Parker D

    This is beautiful, I wish I wasn't so limited to tools. Great work man!

  • Ziyaad Bayat

    As usual. QUALITY.....thank you Telly

  • justin landaker

    this knife looks dope. hope I would be able to buy one one day

  • Gryffon Mykarylov

    been watching your progress on snapchat, so glad its finally done it looks amazing

  • ST Fhacks 05

    amazing men...Every time you make a knife and you know I'm surprised by the passion and dedication you give to knives ... Greetings from Argentina

  • Choi_Boi

    About how long does it take to make just one knife?Plz reply to me it will make my day

  • franz l

    Slavik I love you. The Videos are verry high quality and the knives 😍. Keep up the great work!

  • Manolo Ramirez

    how he is called this machine cutting and when costs your can tell me please

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    Faz um sorteio de uma das suas facas •••

  • Zane Bruce

    How does someone contact you that would like to buy one from you. I personally would love one. I am amazed by your work. I'm in the U.S army and wish I could have you make one for me.

  • Ihor Hudyma

    Great job, try watching nick wheeler, he has some incredible techniques on hand polishing , i think that they will help you to get better quality if your knives ;)

  • Absens Ex

    Тиски лишними не бывают :D А работа как всегда класс!

  • eric justus

    I like the double sided tape method. I accidentally cracked scales once using super glue. Im going to have to steal that one

  • LaserGadgets

    So you make one, sell it, make another one? I like your style :)

  • Dennis Dyrseth

    Where do you get your spring steel? Keep up the good work btw!

  • William Porter

    Beautiful design! It's funny how awesome your skills have gotten since you began.

  • Davi Linhares

    you are the best, I watched all your videos and I am amazed with ur talent

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    really nice work, also the guitar music was nice too! what's the name of that Mexican guitar musuc

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    wonderful video and looking forward to part two!!!

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    Amazing and Beautiful work 👍

  • Luca Giuranno

    Hey, i would like to know if I use a circular saw blade to make a knife do I need to heat treat?Love the chanel

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