Carry More Weight in Witcher 3 Mod - How to carry more weight in the witcher 3

Carry More Weight in Witcher 3 Mod - How to carry more weight in the witcher 3

This mod for the witcher 3 allows you to carry more items by increasing the allotted weight limit to 9999

9999 Mod

Winrar (Do Not Buy!)

Are you running low on inventory space in witcher 3? Things weight to much in witcher 3 that you can't carry them? The weight limit in Witcher 3 need a little boost?

Well if you answered yes to any of these I have a great mod for you :D this mod will increase the weight limit up to 9999 if you would like. So to answer that burning question of "How do increase my weight capacity in Witcher 3" this mod does it for you :)
  • Vlad Alex

    the rar file does not have the same files like in the video i have only 2 files ..

  • Bambo356

    Thanks for the vid mate needing some help getting my head around it. new to modding

  • Cherry Pauper

    Yeah, no mods that I've tried work for 1.05 :/

  • Marvin Manalo

    bro i have 1.04 version of game, i download the 1.04 mods and i follow ur instruction but its not working for me, any idea? please help,

  • TatsuyaDragon

    cool thanks a lot! pc master race

  • Fabric

    Good vid nice and clear explanation good job !

  • Mahdy MOSTAFA

    it work on patch 1.11 ?

  • Braize6

    Mod? This is a straight up cheat. Call it what it is.

  • Jake

    For some reason when I clicked on the 9999.bat all it did was delete the quickbms application. CMD said access denied. I also ran it as administrator with no luck. Any ideas?

  • Kevin Garcia Fernandez

    The mod isn't compatible with patch 1.04!

  • AudioMac

    I don't have a "patch bundle" file in my bundle folder. Any fix?

  • neeham angelo yuvienco gaynor

    my folder is no path? 1.31 sir please help me !

  • Tores Lee

    this fker try to sound like another youtuber for his intro. lmao

  • jon norris

    i have to pay to get an account on nexus mods just to download this mod?!

  • Severance E

    well now there is blob.bundle and doesn't work

  • Fabio Machado

    This is fck

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