Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher

Time flies when you’re in great company. Join Geralt of Rivia as he reminisces about the 10 years it’s been since you’ve first joined him on his adventures in The Witcher series of games.

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The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • a hidden sock

    I’m good, Geralt. I’m good. Think I got something in my eyes though...

  • Eren Burak Deveci

    Medallion's humming, must be a place of memories

  • Vishal Cruze

    I'm a simple manI see Geralt,I click reinstall..

  • kelvius

    2 People that cares for me1 Mom2 GeraltMiss you bud :(

  • LaughingManRa

    Geralt has slept with most of the women in that room.

  • Gagagansletsplay

    I think you will be the first Witcher who dies in his bed.Cheers Geralt.

  • Vetras

    I love how Roach just comes in for the group pic

  • Noob Player

    2017: Thanks for everything.. Here's to you!2019: You're breathtaking. You all are breathtaking!

  • V Mikey

    TBH, I never seen any gaming company do this before, just to say a simple thank you to their fans.

  • xLetalis

    Doing great mate, I miss you too!cries

  • Tina 01

    This is literally the best game ever made, I would sell my soul to O'Dimm for the 4th Game without hesitation.

  • BorneoftheBlood

    "So, how are you doing?"Oh you know... Sad. crying.

  • Jon Snow

    Missing you old friend. Thank you so much for all the adventures we had together. I will never forget you.

  • nobody survives even one bit

    This is not a game. It is a art that will be remembered 100 years to come

  • Mesutcan Kulak

    2000 hours on Witcher 3. I don't regret a second

  • Eddie Collins

    I'm actually a little sad @1:16 when Geralt mentioned Papa Vesemir.

  • Yoga Wisesa

    "Been through hell and high water you and me."cries

  • Milky Coffee

    *Updating my curriculum *-Once Geralt of Rivia asked how am I.

  • BlackWing

    Isn't it amazing, how much emotion a 2 minute long video can create if it's made by a game-studio, that actually cares about their games?

  • HoWurk

    When a two-minute celebration clip is looking better than the Netflix Witcher teaser, you gotta think

  • NPC#165882 3

    500 people with hearts of stone disliked this.

  • madmonk

    A witcher have no emotion.But i'm no witcher,Thus, i cried.

  • andromeda gen

    Anyone else feel their heart burst when geralt fourth wall break’s 😲🤭🥺😍

  • cortazario

    And now guys, imagine: few years down the road, the memories of the Witcher games start to fade away...we all played Cyberpunk and it was awesome...and sure there were many other games along the way...then another E3 comes. Yea, we get all the Battlefield 10s and Call of Duty: Galactical Warfare and Assassin's Creeds trailers and presentations...and then, all of a sudden, the stream from the event goes quiet for a while...after a few seconds you see just "CD PROJEKT RED PRESENTS" on the black screen...and then...the Wolf medallion appears on the screen...Just imagine the chills we will all get.

  • Chief Hanzo

    This is one of those games which are being created once in a decade. It deserves not only Game of the year but Game of the Decade. I know I am asking too much but I would love to see a 4th Installation in this Series.To CD Projekt RedYour Fan

  • Filipe Souza

    If Henry Cavill screws up the series I'm going to kill him myself.

  • ASH Wiliams

    This is the most nostalgic trailer I have ever seen.I cryed and I was watching it 6 times. I don't know why. This game is BREATHTAKING

  • jdj9

    Yesterday i finished Wticher 2. Today i'm starting Witcher 3.... what a game..!!

  • Anirudh Joshi

    Now that is how you thank your fans. CDPR does everything just right.

  • Ícaro Spádoa

    É um pecado chamar The Witcher 3 de jogo. É uma OBRA PRIMA. Obrigado CDPRIt's a sin to call The Witcher 3 a game. It is a masterpiece. Thank you CDPREdit: Google translate

  • Brett Lee

    Just noticed how geralt keeps a baby pic of ciri on this wall

  • Sentinel Wolf

    Just had to come back after the trailer for the Netflix series. It looks amazing and all but it's not the same as playing the game. Nothing will ever be the same. 😔

  • Painty Hunt

    I like Geralt from the witcher 3 he is very cool 💪💪 the claim: time is go but memories forever it is true i like the claim the trailer is awesome great 💪💪👍👍

  • Simon Rockstream

    One of, if not THE most beautiful thing a gaming company has ever created. This video and The Witcher games.

  • Aleksandr

    Просто до мурашек.Спасибо за прекрасную трилогию, CDPR. =)))

  • Cerxian

    not playing the first 2 games even tho i owned them biggest mistake in my life, i felt sad at the end of blood and wine even tho i spent 1 game with him

  • Ameya Shetty

    Uk why i didnt cry when i saw this cuz i have been playing nothing but witcher 3 hahahahahhahahahahah

  • clovis2012

    Love this video. But where was Marlene de Trastamara? Would have been so awesome to see her bringing one of her best dishes out for everyone.

  • Neha Pd

    I'm crying, Geralt. That's what I'm doing. I love you.

  • Faez Absolute

    How im doing?Its been 10 years im still playingcrying and playing witcher at the sametime

  • Danterik

    What a heartwarming scene, seeing everybody in one room and hanging our <3It would've been so cool to see Marlene just come out of the kitchen with a platter full of fresh food.

  • zz zz

    They just did not This is They just Did they just make me cry ? Never mind that When is witcher 4 Start working already

  • Nomicro4u

    We may not meet again, but we will always have the memories old friend.

  • Prince Virginia

    Waiting for the forth one to play as geralt junior

  • Rodolpho Lobo

    I really think you guys should make The Witcher 4

  • yudiab1

    With the fourth wall.. You broke a lil bit of my heart too.. And yes I have something in my eyes too..Stumbled upon this trailer for the first time.. No.. Trailer is mediocre.. I don't particularly like the game.. I don't care about you virtual people in the game..Now I will go on with my day without thinking about you at all..That's how I am doing... Perfectly fine without you.. And now that I am without my PS.. I am relieved that I won't ever have to communicate with you..I am glad and everything is fine

  • Karthikeshwar Sathya

    To one of the greatest games ever made.! We miss you Geralt !! And CD project red ! Love from India

  • Tlot Pwist

    1:45 loved they put Roach but someone should have asked "Wait, where is Roach?" and the camera switch to the house roof where Roach proudly stands

  • Rafa Ruiz

    It’s 2019. I still can’t get over this trailer. I cry everytime

  • Brett Lee

    I know there isnt a official cannon ending in the witcher but this in my mind is

  • keni900

    I think, i would give everything to be there with that company

  • Teréze

    " we all miss you old friend " GOD DAMN GERALT, i started to cry so much

  • Knight King

    You know what's the worst feeling in the world, it's the fact that you will never in your entire life get to meet Geralt of Rivia, the witcher

  • Albert Hofmann

    I can cry every time when watch this video, this ending and music kill me 😭

  • Skay Horizon

    На дворе 2019 годЯ тоже скучаю, мой старый друг(((

  • Javad Arjmandi

    middle of 2019... I still cry at the end of this 2 minutes clip... Thank you CDPR... If the word "Lovely" would take the form of a video game company, the result would be CD Project Red

  • Excalibur

    Story 10/10Characters 10/10Side quests 10/10DLC 10/10Immersive game world/size 10/10Graphics for 2015 10/10Soundtrack/Music 10/10Game engine/performance 10/10Gwent 1000/10

  • Pratik Singh

    Only one thing missingGaunter O'Dimm hiding in plain sight

  • Matias H :]

    I hope i can wipe my memory and play the 200 hours again

  • Kumar Animesh

    How have I not seen this yet! This is so damn beautiful :')

  • Grandayy

    What a wholesome videoWitcher 3 best game

  • Yosafat Kushariandi

    I actually miss a game character.. I miss them all.. like they're actually living somewhere I can't visit..

  • flaj

    Not good my old friend. Netflix is making movie about you and I think they don't like you :(.

  • Geoff Childers

    If CDPR didn't want to make The Witcher 4, they shouldn't have made the 3rd one so damn good!

  • Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams

    This is what makes CDPR stand out. Didn't have to do this, probably cost them money, yet they still did it, since they treat us with respect, instead of treating us as money bags, unlike ubisoft, warner bros, EA. It's clear that they love video games, they put the work in, and I love them for it.

  • Ranvijay singh tomar

    Can't forget ❤️This game is best ❤️Wish you guys bring more ciri and Gerald adventure more and the. World of witcher soon ❤️

  • K Ryuzaki

    I know I'm a year late but Happy Birthday, Geralt! I'm new to your story, still learning of your adventures in Toissaint, but I know you've led a life worth celebrating - done good by your friends and loved ones, and I'm happy to have learned what I have.Thank you CD Projekt Red for all you've done, you truly built an immersive world with lifelike interactions that set the bar far above what modern games have otherwise been displaying the past decade. I look forward to your future endeavors and hope for Witcher cameos c:

  • Monkeycurler

    Dear Geralt, Even though our friendship had only begun recently, it feels like it has been an eternity! I remember when so many of my friends told me stories about you, yet I dismissed you as just another story that my friends wanted so hard to believe. Yet, with how often you came up in topics, I had to see who this fabled man really is in person....and they were right. I know you don't care much for formalities and praise, and neither do I, so I'll save you from that nonsense, but I must admit, Geralt...I don't believe I've ever met another person that has made me reconsider my perspective on life. Someone who, unbeknownst to me at the time, I would consider...family. We didn't always see eye to eye, but that was for the better. I believe we both affected one another for the best.As for how I've been, I can't say that I've been without my own troubles, but nothing has felt impossible to deal with and I still have plenty of growth to undergo, but you've tough me that, no matter how seemingly impossible times may feel, that I will overcome these troubled times just as you have, my friend.Oh, how I ended up gushing over fond memories. Let us get back to the party as not to look like strangers. But...do know that I will always see you as a part of my family, as I know you do in me. I wouldn't change what we've been through or where we've come today. I hope to see you again, at some point after the festivities have ended.- Chris

  • Wingless Dragon

    Man this game had such a big impact on my life. For start after finishing the witcher all the other games became boring waste of time. Second I became more aware of my own decisions in my own life. But most importantly I have acquired a much better general judgment and I'm very thankful for that. So, thank you.

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