Celebrating the 10th anniversary of The Witcher

Time flies when you’re in great company. Join Geralt of Rivia as he reminisces about the 10 years it’s been since you’ve first joined him on his adventures in The Witcher series of games.

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The Witcher game is based on the prose of Andrzej Sapkowski.
  • 10.000 Subs With No Videos

    Geralt: I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for youMy eyes: looks like rain

  • Vishal Cruze

    I'm a simple manI see Geralt,I click reinstall..

  • kelvius

    2 People that cares for me1 Mom2 GeraltMiss you bud :(

  • Eren Burak Deveci

    Medallion's humming, must be a place of memories

  • xLetalis

    Doing great mate, I miss you too!cries

  • Gagagansletsplay

    I think you will be the first Witcher who dies in his bed.Cheers Geralt.

  • Vetras

    I love how Roach just comes in for the group pic

  • Eliot Slater

    Geralt: "Vesemir enjoyed that especially"me: shade some manly tears

  • 10.000 Subs With No Videos

    “It’s been ages, tell us how you’re doing!”Me: wipes tear from my eye I’m home

  • Noob Player

    2017: Thanks for everything.. Here's to you!2019: You're breathtaking. You all are breathtaking!

  • Yoga Wisesa

    "Been through hell and high water you and me."cries

  • LabradorIndependent

    this was all so normal untill Geralt started talking to me

  • Deeshu Chaudhary

    Master of mirrors: whats your wishMe: another witcher game

  • cortazario

    And now guys, imagine: few years down the road, the memories of the Witcher games start to fade away...we all played Cyberpunk and it was awesome...and sure there were many other games along the way...then another E3 comes. Yea, we get all the Battlefield 10s and Call of Duty: Galactical Warfare and Assassin's Creeds trailers and presentations...and then, all of a sudden, the stream from the event goes quiet for a while...after a few seconds you see just "CD PROJEKT RED PRESENTS" on the black screen...and then...the Wolf medallion appears on the screen...Just imagine the chills we will all get.

  • Yosafat Kushariandi

    I actually miss a game character.. I miss them all.. like they're actually living somewhere I can't visit..

  • Papa Wesemir

    This is the most nostalgic trailer I have ever seen.I cryed and I was watching it 6 times. I don't know why. This game is BREATHTAKING

  • NPC#165882 3

    500 people with hearts of stone disliked this.

  • Jon Snow

    Missing you old friend. Thank you so much for all the adventures we had together. I will never forget you.

  • Konstantin Portugal'skiy

    Its 2019 why iam still crying

  • Milky Coffee

    *Updating my curriculum *-Once Geralt of Rivia asked how am I.

  • kanishka roy

    Geralt: “Now, tell us how you’re doing”Me: “I’m doing fine Geralt... *Sniffs.. I’m doing just fine....” 😢

  • andromeda gen

    Anyone else feel their heart burst when geralt fourth wall break’s 😲🤭🥺😍

  • romal gaikwad

    The characters are not just characters........ They are family :)

  • Turtles

    This time I'm actually not mad at youtube for recommending something after I've already seen it 10 times. Thank you.

  • Mad Hatter

    Me: Men don't cry Also me:

  • zz zz

    They just did not This is They just Did they just make me cry ? Never mind that When is witcher 4 Start working already

  • Trelauni Productions

    Watched this in 2019. Still punches me in the feelers

  • Skay Horizon

    На дворе 2019 годЯ тоже скучаю, мой старый друг(((

  • Al As 57

    It's 2019 and Witcher 3 still ruined video games for me.

  • BronzeJourney

    Medallion's humming, a place of power, gotta be.

  • Grandayy

    What a wholesome videoWitcher 3 best game

  • Tyrian2000

    Yesterday i finished Wticher 2. Today i'm starting Witcher 3.... what a game..!!

  • Neha Pd

    I'm crying, Geralt. That's what I'm doing. I love you.

  • Phebos Belmont

    That's the best thing about games and gamers. We never die. We're forever. To Geralt and to CDPR. Cheers!

  • HoWurk

    When a two-minute celebration clip is looking better than the Netflix Witcher teaser, you gotta think

  • Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams

    This is what makes CDPR stand out. Didn't have to do this, probably cost them money, yet they still did it, since they treat us with respect, instead of treating us as money bags, unlike ubisoft, warner bros, EA. It's clear that they love video games, they put the work in, and I love them for it.

  • Matthee Latham

    gets me everytime. My girlfriend says "so you do cry" lol

  • Javad Arjmandi

    middle of 2019... I still cry at the end of this 2 minutes clip... Thank you CDPR... If the word "Lovely" would take the form of a video game company, the result would be CD Project Red

  • Sentinel Wolf

    Just had to come back after the trailer for the Netflix series. It looks amazing and all but it's not the same as playing the game. Nothing will ever be the same. 😔

  • Aleksandr

    Просто до мурашек.Спасибо за прекрасную трилогию, CDPR. =)))

  • BlackWing

    Isn't it amazing, how much emotion a 2 minute long video can create if it's made by a game-studio, that actually cares about their games?

  • User's Name

    "Tell us how your doing""No, I dont think I will..."I love you old friend, but I must go. I cannot play beautiful games forever

  • Ícaro Spádoa

    É um pecado chamar The Witcher 3 de jogo. É uma OBRA PRIMA. Obrigado CDPRIt's a sin to call The Witcher 3 a game. It is a masterpiece. Thank you CDPREdit: Google translate


    The toussaint heat is making my eyes sweat

  • Morte

    God I love Geralt. This game is a treasure which I will never forget. When I finished the game I was so god damn sad that there are no more interactions with the characters...I truely love this game.

  • LaughingManRa

    Geralt has slept with most of the women in that room.

  • Yoga Prasidya

    From here we can summarized the supposed correct ending for the game: 1. Ciri becomes witcher.2. Geralt ended up with Yennefer.3. The Baron lives.4. Regis took exiles5. Triss stays in Kovir6. You chose Olgierd von Everec not the devil.7. Lambert and Keira become couple.8. Syanna forgives Anna.9. You chose to save Roche.10. Nilfgaard won the war.

  • Geralt of Rivia

    "So, how are you doing?" Cries.

  • Albert Hofmann

    I can cry every time when watch this video, this ending and music kill me 😭

  • Wingless Dragon

    Man this game had such a big impact on my life. For start after finishing the witcher all the other games became boring waste of time. Second I became more aware of my own decisions in my own life. But most importantly I have acquired a much better general judgment and I'm very thankful for that. So, thank you.

  • Teréze

    " we all miss you old friend " GOD DAMN GERALT, i started to cry so much

  • Palacsinta Palacsinta

    I miss you too, my family in another universe.. I sure do.

  • Reck

    How can this still hit me in the feels after watching it for the 50 millionth time?

  • Snigdhonil Mukherjee

    This will always be my favorite game of my life...miss you

  • Zayed Son

    I genuinely dont want anymore Witcher Games i love how Geralts Story's Ends. Thank you for this experience , now time to move on.

  • Anthonie Santic

    I don't know if anyone working at CDPR will read this, but :Thank you

  • Captain Italia

    This may be the cheesiest thing I've ever seen, but that won't stop me from crying over it

  • José

    it's 2019 and I'm still crying

  • Alex Alex

    YouTube recommendations hitting me in the feels again

  • Vedran Bileta

    why this scene cannot be in the game? It would be perfect ending. Perfect

  • Nomicro4u

    We may not meet again, but we will always have the memories old friend.

  • Leanss666

    This video should be put into the game after the end of the game and its expansions ... And have all the members of this video alive !!!! It would be the best possible end !! And it is the one I would have .. Since all of the video that can die, save them. Thank you

  • No Official Name Entitled

    "Tell us how your doing?"Playing gwent

  • Pute de luxe

    8 October 2019, sitting in a bus shelter, waiting for my ride to come... Why am I crying watching this? Thank you!!!

  • Taha Jafari

    Geralt: Thanks for everything. We all miss you.Me:😭😭 I miss you too.

  • a hidden sock

    I’m good, Geralt. I’m good. Think I got something in my eyes though...

  • Amiinova

    “Thanks, I was doing fine just now Geralt, just before you hit me with a train of nostalgia and feels.”

  • Henry VIII

    I think I found the strongest weapon enchantment: feels

  • Kat K

    Geralt: actually wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for youSays him even when you get the bad endings in the main story and blood and wine

  • Nikeo Games

    I know it’s “impossible”, but please remake Witcher 1 & 2, please

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